5 steps to drive technology adoption

February 11, 2020

Would you consider yourself innovative?
Are you the first to know?
Do you follow the trends, do you make the trends?
Are you an influencer?
Or…is “slow and steady” more your speed, and “if it ain’t broke don’t fix,” your mantra.
Are you “old school?”

Understanding your adoption tolerance and resistance can be vital in ensuring your own success, and the success of your team. Change can be hard, but understanding the resistance to change, and following a strategy can improve adoption and ROI of new sales tools and enablement.

The root of change resistance typically stems from a threat to stability and security. These perceived threats can manifest in a number of ways like a fear of the unknown, mistrust in leadership, lack of vision and value, and a breakdown in communication.

Understanding resistance can allow leadership to be proactive in the strategy, and implementation of any change initiative. Use the following quick guide to drive better adoption of new sales tools, and technology.

5 steps to greater adoption:

  1. Conduct a needs analysis – round table, or survey your team to address what challenges and hurdles they encounter with their current technology. Their answers may surprise you, and save you from making a wasted purchase!
  2. Communication transparency strategy – Communication is key! Communicate the benefits to the organization, and individuals, make sure to tie benefits to specific pain points. Accountability starts at the top, lead by example!
  3. Create the narrative that supports the movement – Involve all stakeholders and secure their buy-in. Generate excitement and buzz around the initiative. “Capitalize and seize the opportunity!”
  4. Set realistic expectations – Nothing kills joy, and creates resentment like missed expectations. Listen and compassionately address fears, while maintaining a commitment to partnered success.
  5. Involve the team and identify Champions – Involvement creates pride, accountability, and enthusiasm. Take notice, and celebrate champions as early adopters. Champions can evangelize and lead their peers from the front lines.

Remember to emphasize the importance of staying current with the trends, and the impact of new technology on the organizational and individual goals. By following these steps, you are ensuring the greatest opportunity for successful change management.