December 10, 2019

New year, new you, right? Wait a minute…haven’t we heard that one before? For the past few weeks we have discussed how to reflect on your past goals, and how to set SMART goals for the upcoming year.

Today the focus is on a trait you’ll need if you truly want to reach your goals, accountability. Not only is it one of the most important traits in sales, but its’ impacts far beyond the sales floor. Below you will find a few suggestions on improving, and why this trait is so vital.

Identify WHY your goal is important, and attach the success to your life

Let’s say one of your goals is becoming more financially responsible. What would financial responsibility mean in your life? Are you renting, but dreaming of owning? Do you want to see more of the world? Do you want the time, and energy you spend at work to mean more in your personal life? Have you been carrying a chip that you want to unburden from your shoulders?

The impact of attaching your goals to the real possibilities in your life are powerful. Set reminders to revisit the impact, and your progress, throughout the year. Don’t reprimand if you have fallen off track, rebound, and get back to it, this builds resiliency, and creates consistency.

Share your goals

Whether you want the social aspect, or need help staying accountable; sharing goals with trusted friends or mentors can help keep you on track. Once you’ve put your plan in place with thought, and diligence, adding another level solidifies the reality of this new project.

Build your support network, and keep in touch to check-in, seek feedback and celebrate the mini wins. And, if you start to falter reach out, and ask for help or guidance.

Redefine self care, and make your goals priority #1

Self care isn’t all bubble baths, a night out, or a weekend of bingeing Netflix and Disney+. Although all of these things have their place, they do little in helping us reach the goals that we set in our lives. When you prioritize your goals, you are prioritizing yourself, and the commitment to a future that is greater than the past.

Don’t let the losses derail your year

Shit happens. Plans fall apart. Disappointments and failures are a part of every success story, it is what makes the win so sweet. And although these setbacks can sting, they do not need to define or derail your year.

Trust your plan, trust the process, and get back into your lane as quickly as possible. Consistency in the rebound is one of the traits that separate the good from the great, how fast can you pivot, refocus, and get back to it?

Creating accountability is a process of liberation, and it frees us from victimhood. When so little is out of our control; our behaviors, actions, and responses are within.

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