Actions > Words

June 02, 2020

1. Spent the past week LISTENING to all of my Black friends, colleagues and connections.

2. My wife and I are reading “A People’s History of the United States” and “White Fragility”, and these are my Book Club suggestions for June.

3. My boys started summer last week. This week they have a new assignment. They will be reading the biographies of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jackie Robinson.

4. I committed to having the next 40 guests on the Surf and Sales Podcast that I book being Black sales leaders and Women in sales.

5. I am working FREE of charge in June with Black/Brown private sales/leadership clients. Have 2 so far, have room for 3 more. If interested, DM me.

6. My wife and I are making substantial financial donations to The Innocence Project, Black Lives Matters, NAACP Defense Fund, and Support Higher Heights.

7. Having powerful uncomfortable conversations with those who have been in my life who do not share my views on equality. Then removing them from my life and explaining why.

8. Submitting Black salespeople and leaders for all open roles that I am aware of, and finding them with intent if they are not on my radar.

9. Increasing spend to Black owned businesses and restaurants in Austin, TX.

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