Building a life in sales

August 13, 2018

Good morning everyone!

The summer is flying by and, before you know it, the kids are back in school and life is back in its normal rhythm. If you’re a parent like me, you know that this is a bittersweet thing. I’m going to miss the afternoon baseball games for a few months, but there’s something to be said for getting the kids back into a structured environment.

The end of summer is always a good time to reflect on where you are in your life and where you’re going. Most people reading this are far beyond the stage of worrying about starting a new school or dreading the workload of graduate studies… but there’s still something about the beginning of the school year that lends itself to introspection.

In this podcast with John Barrows, we talk about a wide range of sales and career topics. But I’m sharing it because we also found ourselves discussing how younger salespeople are often concerned about the next stage of their career.

My advice? Well you’ll have to listen to the podcast. But, in short, my advice is to keep killing it and keep getting better. Most of you are way ahead of where I was in my 20s and things worked out ok for me.

Listen here and share! And feel free to reach out to me if you’re in need of encouragement or if you want help figuring out your own next steps.