Do It Anyway

December 17, 2019

Do it anyway.

But what if I fail? You will learn…do it anyway.
But what if they laugh? Laugh with them and…do it anyway.
What if I can’t? Maybe you can, and yes, maybe you can’t so…do it anyway.

There’s not a secret to my success. When asked, “how?” I often talk about grit, and toughness. I have spoken about the importance of confidence and ambition. I talk about the fight I’ve waged against my body, against those who said I could not, but there is an underlying thread that holds all of these things together.

When called to do what is hard, what is scary, what I know by any stretch of the imagination I should not be able to accomplish, I do it anyway. In order to do these things, it requires the fearlessness to not just live on the edge, or beyond the comfort zone, but to venture into the complete unknown.

Confidence comes through repetition, sometimes it takes just doing a thing once, to feel confident about doing something. Sometimes, we feel confident because this new thing is similar in enough ways that we trust our skills. But where is the growth in doing the known?

Growth comes from struggle, and doing the next thing; the thing that has not been done. Confidence is of little help in these moments, when everything is new, and your stomach is flipping, and there is no road map, no muscle memory, no practice run. There is only the choice to do it anyway, to be brave, be fearless, and have faith that this…this is enough.

But how, and why?
Why is easy, because without it you stay still, you cease to grow and evolve. How is a bit more complex.

First, acknowledge the fear.
Fear is a biological reaction, there is no escaping the feeling, but choosing to acknowledge the fear does provide the control needed not to suffer in it. Our sense of fear is meant to alert us to a presence so that we can protect, not to scare and prevent.

Focus on building confidence.
Confidence is created through repetition, and acquiring knowledge. Once you’ve acknowledged your fear, focus on the skills, and gaining relevant experience.

Do it anyway.
Bravery is not an absence of fear, it is the acknowledgment, and the choice to act in spite of the fear. There is a fine line between perfectionism and procrastination. Fear of failure, or not being enough is usually driving when we procrastinate until things are just right. The problem here is how many projects are abandoned? How many chances pass us by, waiting for the perfect moment, or waiting for the self confidence to magically manifest? Do it anyway, and be mindful in doing so.

Looking ahead to 2020, I challenge you to take the risk, do what scares you, and push yourself for something greater.

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