Good Friends Make Life Hard

September 17, 2019

My friend Arley Nevar posted the following on her LinkedIn yesterday and I agree so wholeheartedly I wanted to share it:

“The best friends make life hard.

It’s hard to be around people pursuing their passion when you aren’t pursuing your own.

It’s hard to be around people who expect your full potential when you aren’t doing all you’re capable of.

It’s hard to come up with excuses not to deliver when who you’re explaining yourself to did their part and then some.

It’s hard to go to work and say you’re tired when your friends came to work after taking their kids to school.

It’s hard to say you can’t take on an extra project when your friends are starting extra companies.

It’s really hard to be anything less than your best self when you are constantly surrounded by people who tolerate nothing but the best from themselves.

Find people who make life hard.”

What do you think?  Who makes your life hard?  And how does that make you better?