How Zendesk’s Jaimie Buss Is Able To Forecast Revenue Within 1% (At A $500 Million Company)

September 17, 2018

Being able to accurately predict revenue is vital for anyone in sales. For a sales rep, forecasting is crucial to understanding funnel. For sales executives? It’s a matter of keeping your job!

So when Jaimie Buss of Zendesk talks about how she has been able to build quarterly forecasts to within 1% on hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, you better listen.

So how does she do it? If you’ve ever heard me talk about my own philosophy of sales, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I like this article…

It’s about having a process.

Specifically everybody on the team knowing the process. It turns out that a lot of sales reps have wildly divergent definitions of what a given stage means in the sales pipeline.

So step one was getting everybody speaking the same language. Follow this link to see the other steps in detail. Highly recommended.