Influencing Self Empowerment

July 08, 2019

People have varying degrees of influence over our lives everyday.  Early in my career, I didn’t have a sales manager, or VP of Sales, or CEO I felt close enough to consider my mentor or guide – a distinct voice that lit up the path to where I wanted to go.  I had to figure out a lot on my own, learning from things I’ve read or observed other people doing.  However, when I was ready to start my very first consulting gig, one voice did come to mind, Mike Lindstrom’s.  Mike had worked as a sales consultant at the first company I was ever at and had made a huge impression on me.  He was the first person to open my eyes to how powerful belief in your self can be.  I reached out to him to ask how much I should bill my first client.  I had no idea what to charge for my time, and I felt like a fraud.  Mike told me, “Whatever you think you’re worth – double it, because you’re naturally going to devalue yourself.  Just put it out there and see what happens.”  I did.  And the client paid it!

I often wish I would have had more of this kind of guidance sooner – someone to tell me like it is and be real with me about what’s going to get me where I want to go.  It is with that wish in mind that I try to help others who look to me for guidance.  I want to help people cut through the bullshit.  I don’t shy away from the tough conversations because I think transparency builds trust.  I advise people on issues I wish someone would have talked to me about ages ago.  I strive to be informed and honest about best strategies for the people who come to me with their goals and timelines.  I try to illuminate the path that leads to where they want to go.  Above all, I strive to help them believe in themselves, because ultimately that’s the only way to get anywhere in life.

Who has had a positive impact on your professional life?  How has that person shown you the power of believing in yourself?  What do they have to teach the rest of us about leadership?  Forward them this email and, at the top of it, tell them how they helped light the way for you.  CC me so I can learn how to be better, as well.