It’s not your imagination

January 07, 2019

Your job could actually be driving you crazy!

In sales when we receive a no from a prospect it can seem like a deeply personal rejection.

Now imagine being a founder of a company and receiving a no from a potential investor when you have a payroll to meet… Imagine how devastating that rejection must feel.

We can conceive that being a founder is a really stressful job. But we don’t often think about the psychological bumps and bruises these entrepreneurs could be wrestling with.

This article suggests that the leaders of our companies are the most susceptible to a host of mental health issues. And it makes sense considering the sheer volume and intensity of their responsibilities.

You’ll probably discover unusual insights into some of the thoughts and feelings your leaders may have experienced.

This article also offers prescriptions on how we can keep anxiety, stress, imposter syndrome and other conditions at bay.

Great read all around. Highly recommend.