Just Go

December 31, 2019

It is the end, and it is the beginning.

Whether you plan on spending the evening counting down amongst the crowds of people, home away from the masses, or sleeping right through, the countdown to the end of a decade, and the start of a new year comes tonight.

Whether you’ve reflected on the past, laid to rest your regrets, celebrated your success, or simply lived in the ignorance that the time has come, the new year comes tonight.

Whether your intentions have been surrendered, your goals set, your plans made, the time comes tonight.

Whether you are one to pine nostalgic, or give little care to another day come and gone, a new year, a new decade begins tonight.So what words of wisdom and advice do I have to give as we countdown to a new decade? When the time has come, when there is no more time for reflecting, and no more time planning for the perfection of a clean blank slate?

10 You have done what could be done.

9 You have given what was to be given.

8 Breathe.

7 Everything you have experienced, that you have learned, has brought you to this place, now.

6 Your past, your mistakes, your wins, none were by accident, they were intended for you.

5 And now, ahead of you lies the great unknown, where it sits in absolute, untarnished, perfection.

4 Ready for the next step, the next leap, the next stumble, the fall, the flight, the forward motion.

3 The simplest step is left to take, it has come down to just this.

2 Just.

1 Go.