Motivational Questions

November 12, 2019

Motivational questions come at me all the time. Seems like everyone is seeking to get/stay inspired. How we answer those questions is really important. Here are a few that I get asked consistently.

How do you personally stay motivated? Has that motivation changed over time? How have you motivated your teams in the past? Any issues when the team’s motivations don’t align with yours? What are the key attributes (if any) that your teams have had in common when it comes to motivation?

I stay motivated thru 1) learning/reading 2) staying focused on my “why” and 3) always competing. My motivation has evolved through time. When I was sick in the hospital it was all about reading and learning. When my career first started it all come from competing – with others and myself. Now as I begin the latest phase of my professional life, the “why” [family, freedom, fun] become more powerful motivators.

Think about these questions for yourself and what they mean to you. Powerful answers to be found and those lead to successful outcomes.

We all know that reading is fuel for knowledge but many of us struggle to do it. Nothing against books, but there are other things we can all read and learn from that require less of a commitment perhaps. Here are two interesting reads for you.

State of the Underdog is gaining momentum. Have you read it? WOW. If not, you should. My friend Promise Phelon put this together and it’s given people awareness about the things we need to change for the entrepreneurial and funding landscape.

Here is a Good article on professional athletes and mental health. My gut says this resonates with you as salespeople and business folk as well as athletes. I know it did for me.

Finally, a blog post I wrote for my friends over at Hoopla on micro management.