My Fellow Salespeople

January 26, 2021

Sales is the garbage can of jobs.

The bin everybody threw their trash into.

I am that junk nobody wanted.

If you’re in sales, you just might be too.

We couldn’t get into Harvard or Stanford, and didn’t get that kush VC internship.

We weren’t smart enough or disciplined enough to go to medical school or law school.

Our liberal arts degrees cost us ~$200k and often proved worthless.

We got in trouble or made terrible decisions, and are full of flaws and weakness.

Our bosses and folks who run and build companies often don’t respect our function and wish they could automate us or even better, have an entirely self-serve purchase process.

And yet here we stand.

We refuse to give up.

We are resilient and relentless.

We buckle up every single day to do what THEY won’t do themselves.

Here we are – turning this profession on its head, and changing the way the game is being played.

Here we are – growing and developing our careers, impacting lives all around us, and out-earning everybody who told us we would never amount to a thing.

I see you my fellow degenerates.

Know your worth salespeople and sales leaders.

And use their condescension as fuel for your fire.

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