Plans are nothing, planning is everything

December 24, 2019

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” – Dwight Eisenhower

You are a sum of your success, and you are also a sum of your failures. Every experience teaches and shapes us. The best we can hope for is to do what feels right, right now, and to continue planning ahead with the flexibility to change direction…sometimes without notice.

With so much emphasis put on reaching our goals, it is important to step back, and reflect. To check in, and assess if our greater plan is still The Plan. It can be a hard thing to let go of a goal, but there are times that the hurdle is not the challenge to see if you want it bad enough, but a sign. A sign that shakes us up, redirects, forces us to slow down, pushes us to speed up, or stops us dead in our tracks and demands our attention.

There is a fine balance in the dedication needed by our plans and goals, and the flexibility to allow for change and growth. Much like the balance needed between work and life, this relationship is complex and fluid. So take this time to appreciate the rocky and winding path that has brought you here, and proactively give yourself the freedom of flexibility for the upcoming year.

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