Quick Update

February 27, 2018

As many of you may know I recently released my first book of sales strategy and advice. This has been born out of decades of hard work in my chosen field and is the result of nearly as many years of life lessons learned and applied to business.

As part of the release for the book, Addicted to the Process, I’m going to start sending out a weekly email beginning on Monday. A small portion of you have already been receiving these, so I apologize if this email doesn’t apply.

You should expect to see links to various articles that I think are worth your time to read. Naturally, most of these will be sales related but you’ll also find interesting information relating to business and just life in general.

My hope is that there will be at least a little something there for everyone.

I have a lot of really exciting stuff planned. For example, you may have seen my social media posts highlighting my Surf and Sales Summit coming up. It’s an opportunity for anyone who wants to level up their sales leadership game, do some deep thinking about their work and build lasting relationships with other successful leaders in the industry.

There’s more to come like that, but the best thing that YOU can do is to go on to Amazon and write your own review of the book. After all, the first thing that everybody does when they hear about your book is to go to Amazon and see what everyone else thinks. So sharing your opinion makes a big difference!

Thank you to everyone for all your support through the years and thanks for your participation in this exciting new chapter!