Riding the waves

October 01, 2018

For me, time off and surfing go hand-in-hand. Any chance I have to get in the ocean and connect with the water I take. I find it to be the best way to decompress from a high-stress job. When a wave is crashing full speed ahead, it’s amazing how everything else — work pressures, life challenges, health concerns — all just disappear.

This is part of why I started Surf and Sales Summit, to help others like myself discover the joy of surfing while expanding their sales knowledge.

But surfing is not just a release. Amy Schwartz, co-founder of Unleash, a company that facilitates a way for remote workers to surf, says, “Any surfer knows what it is to work incredibly hard. Surfing requires astounding determination to learn and get good at it. This tenacity translates to other facets of life, like starting a company or keeping on top of a fast-paced job, which is why I think surfers make the best entrepreneurs and executives.”

Learn more about the company and how it is changing remote workers’ lives here.