Sharing Open Jobs

December 22, 2020

Let’s get you a Job for the Holidays

I’ll say this one more time this year: Create a list of the top 10-20 companies you want to work at, and send me everything I’d need to share your information with their Hiring Manager.

Please reference this old newsletter if you’re not sure how to begin: How to Get More Intro’s

The jobs below come from my LinkedIn post

Jobs available where I am your direct intro:

HeyDay [dot] co – is hiring 1-2 BizDev sellers (3-7 yrs exp) to generate active acquisition opportunities through direct seller outreach, relationship development and category expertise.

Agora Systems [helloagora dot com] is hiring a technical sales engineer who can guide customers through sales + onboarding with regards to their IT + integration q’s AND a product marketing manager.

Tradewing [dot] com is hiring 3-5 full-cycle AEs

Servicecore [dot] com is starting the search for a Head of Sales to help scale the team up. If you like building sales orgs, this could be for you.

And finally, If you know anyone in sales on the West Coast looking for a job, my friend is actively looking to fill a Client Partner and Enterprise BDR role at Popular Pays [dot] com.

Other job openings from commenters on my post:

Thomas Parbs– Looking for 1-2 passionate, driven SDRs, preferably (but not required) with Telematics/SaaS experience (calling into mid-market and enterprise public safety accounts), and 1-2 full cycle AEs with the same passion and hustle, same telematics/saas experience preferred (but not required) for our public and private sector sales.

Matthew Gounod -has 5+ SDR openings and several AE openings, looking for January start dates

Maxee Whiteford – is hiring SDRs

Paul De Barros – hiring for Account Executives remote, send me a message to chat.

Sara Kneeland -should have some AE openings in the near future, but for anyone in the DC area looking for Product, Marketing, Engineering, etc., shoot me a message! 

Glenn Bravy – Secure Code Warrior: Adding on: My company is hiring enterprise AEs and BDRs. All remote

Craig Fisk – BDRs

Josh Smykal – We are hiring for multiple positions at Modernize. Customer Success, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, and Support  See

Jessica Peluso – We are hiring for all sorts of roles at Handshake as well. AE’s, Sales leaders, SDR’s, marketing, product, engineering, recruiting and more! You can find them all here:

Scott Einaugler  I am looking for 2 mid market reps- 1-2 years of sales experience. Perfect for the sdr that is looking to make the jump to full sales

Jacob Vandenbark – EVO Payments I’m hiring for some SDR positions in Cincinnati OH. Fintech sales to B2B companies

Crystal Stephens -We’re hiring!! Specifically someone in the Sales/revenue operations space!


TripAction – SDR, AEs, and Mid-Market AE

Yearend. – Full Stack Dev, Tax Account
Drift – Customer Success, AEs, MidMarket, SDR, Sales Engineers, little bit of everything

Gravy- , Full Stack Dev and SDR

Clari- SDRs, AEs, Developers

STOPit Solutions- Sales Operations Director

Quorum- Demand Gen Manager, and AEs

Now is a great time to be proactive and intentional about where you want to work next. Use the resources around you, including me, to get what you want.

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