Start Fresh, Start New, or Start Fast

December 03, 2019

Nothing has more power over our mindset and situation than the words we choose to tell ourselves.

Whether you are looking triumphantly into 2020, having owned the year, or you’re crawling towards the finish line, bruised and battered, one thing is certain…Winter Is Coming, it is inevitable.

What is within your control is your mindset towards the new opportunity. In sales we are bombarded with constant catchphrases, motivational phrases, and sales anthems. And there is a reason for this, words have power. They have the power to encourage, and inspire, but they also hold a darker power. That dark power can depress, intimidate, and cause procrastination, scapegoating, and excuses.

I don’t like the phrase, “starting over,” it’s not that I think it’s a bad phrase, I just believe it’s impossible. To start over suggests starting completely from the beginning, but every experience, both the failures and successes influence and shape who we are, and how we respond. Embracing both creates real opportunity for growth.

Each month (or quarter) begins at a $0. So what is the difference between “starting over,” and “starting new?” It just might be your secret weapon to starting the new year fast.

Let’s try an exercise; say the following phrases out loud, and listen to the words.

  • “Start over.” “Start fresh.” “Start new.”

To me, “start over,” sounds like being scolded by my third grade math teacher. To go into a new month, and year with the very first thought being even slightly negative is not where I want to be. I believe in capitalizing on every single competitive edge available to me…including the power of words, and manifestation.

This year I challenge you to “Start Fresh,” “Start New,” or “Start Fast” instead of “Starting Over.” Say it out loud, write it on your mirror, make it your first action. Where starting over implies a need for the creation of new momentum, starting new or fresh implies a readiness. Little things we tell ourselves matter.

Preparation for the new year starts with empowering ourselves, and I am choosing to be ready.

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