Stepping Down? No, I’m Stepping Up

September 24, 2019

Walking away is never easy. Especially when the experience you are walking away from has been an overwhelmingly positive one. Perhaps we can re-frame the narrative.

I am not stepping down…I am stepping up.

The time has come for me to leave Qualia and put all of my energy and focus into my own businesses. This is by no means any kind of comment on Qualia, my colleagues, or the future of the company. It is just time for me to take a step back and pursue my passions with the entirety of my focus.

During my time at Qualia, we went from having essentially zero paying customers and revenue to capturing ~15% market share in 3 years. We grew from around 25 employees to over 200. I have made so many amazing connections with the team, and I am confident I am leaving them in very capable hands moving forward. I am very proud of what we built, and excited to watch them continue to grow. Your success is mine and I look forward to remaining a friend of the company.

I founded Scott Leese Consulting, LLC over 3 years ago now, and I’ve become increasingly passionate about the work and growing the business. My focus has always been on companies scaling from $0 – $25m ARR – the strategy, the process, the people, the pitch – and that remains my sweet spot. I’ve worked with many companies over the past several years as a Strategic Advisor, and I’m excited to expand this work.

I founded Surf and Sales about a year and a half ago and have been blown away by the positive response and find myself wanting to grow this business as well. My intention is to aim for 3-4 events in 2020, up from 1 in 2018, and 2 in 2019. Talk to anybody who’s attended a Surf and Sales Summit, and you will understand why these events are so impactful.

When I wrote “Addicted to the Process” I don’t think I realized that it might spark passion to continue my writing career, but it did. I have begun work on my follow-up book and its bigger in scale and I hope the impact is significant.

I am really excited to announce that starting October 1st, I will focus full time on growing Scott Leese Consulting, Surf and Sales, and finishing my second book.

If I can ever be of help to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Cheers to the next steps we all take.  May they scare you, excite you, and reward you.