Before I had the pleasure of getting to know Scott personally, I knew him through his success building and leading an ace sales team from scratch over 2 years, while achieving consistently massive month-over-month revenue growth. He is a wizard in the arcana of sales.

But the true magic is this: whether you work directly for Scott or not, he will inspire you, motivate you, and do whatever it takes to help you reach your potential. He will get to the bottom of it and press for the solution. He does not give up–and being under his spell, neither will you.

- Jonathan Dawe, Founder & CEO at ZoomShout

I had the pleasure of working for Scott for over a year. He is creative, strategic, and collaborative in his approach to solving business problems. Scott has the ability to take the most complicated situation, simplify it for all to understand, and develop a solution that is always right in line with what needs to be done. The strong leader that he is, he then rallies his team to put the solution into action. The things I appreciate most about Scott is that he is a motivator, mentor and friend of mine. I would gladly fight the good fight for him at any company, at any time.

- Gabriel Moncayo, CEO & Co-founder of Always Hired Sales Bootcamp

Over the 2+ years I’ve known him, Scott has been one of my favorite coworkers and one of the most influential individuals in my own personal professional development.

Scott’s belief in and focus on results, incredible leadership technique, and relentless work ethic have not only made him a phenomenally successful sales leader, but have driven his team (direct reports and otherwise) to work harder, strive to be better, and most importantly, deliver results.

Scott is an incredible teammate. His desire to see the team succeed and the vested interest he takes in developing people on an individual basis is a rare combination of qualities that make him so motivating to work for and with.

- Claire Morris, VP Operations at Homeward

Scott Leese knows about psychology. He knows how to keep his salespeople motivated and he is very intelligent. During my time working with Scott, when I was brand new and entry level, he made me feel like a million bucks. After one of my first sales with the company he notified every executive and my manager. I was totally overwhelmed and grateful that out of hundreds of people, my contributions where being recognized. That kind of one-on-one attention pays dividends and that is one of the many things that Scott understands. He guided me in my current career and was one of the key figures who helped me quickly earn my first promotion. Scott gave me the attitude and roadmap for success, one that I am still following to this day. Thanks Scott!

- Matthew Hernandez, Director of Sales and Operations at Fivestars

A master coach and leader – Scott’s style could be best described as thoughtful, yet fearless. Deploying a unique mix of courage, vulnerability, radical candor and a make-no-bones-about-it results and process focused approach, Scott builds impactful human beings and winning sales teams.

And while it would be easy to recommend Scott’s based on his experience, qualifications or long track record of success – it would be grossly shortsighted. Scott’s true magic is in his ability to quickly and consistently inspire, impact and improve the performance of those that he leads.

I’m fortunate and honored to know Scott – both as my boss and my friend (even if he is a Liverpool FC fan)!

- Rory Blanton, Industry Relations at Qualia

Scott helps his teams and the organization reach unexpected potential throughout challenging times. Scott has an uncanny ability to always excel, to remind people what is important, to find more effective ways to sell, to hold people accountable, and to mainly push you and the organization to levels you NEVER thought could be reached. I can easily say that because of Scott, I am a different person. Scott embodies everything you would want in a leader. His support and leadership have helped shaped me into the professional and person I am today.

- JM Wilke, Head of Sales Operations at Qualia

I can go on and on about how Scott is the man to scale your company, but he brings much more to the table than guaranteed metrics. When you throw empathy, an unparalleled selflessness, and divine passion into the fire, you output a leader that will go to great lengths for his team to help them develop a fierce confidence that will not only push them professionally, but personally. He didn’t teach me how to sell as much as he taught me to trust and believe in myself. His mentorship has been invaluable to me, and I’m excited to continue seeing him mold the lives of young sales people like myself. Scott will take your company to the next level all while breaking records. I’ll always appreciate the friendship I’ve developed with him. Thank you, it’s been a pleasure!

- Laith Salim, Partner Manager at Facebook

Best boss I’ve ever had as well as a mentor and a friend. Scott knows more about sales and real leadership than most will ever learn in a lifetime. I’m lucky to have learned underneath him and any organization is immediately better the day that Scott comes aboard.

- James Lipton, Director of Strategic Accounts at Qualia

Scott is a rare breed of leader who can motivate a team of rocks to collaborate to build a kingdom. When it comes to mobilizing his team, Scott is undeniably fantastic. When I thought good was great, Scott helped me to shift my perspective and set the bar at new heights. For me, Scott was the catalyst that shifted my perspective of what success truly is.

When I face difficult life decisions or when I hit one of life’s many roadblocks, Scott is someone I know I can turn to for honest advice and a fresh perspective that will help me to keep moving in a positive direction.

I highly recommend Scott to any organization that needs explosive growth and will tolerate nothing less than excellence. I also challenge every employee who plans to work for Scott to buy into his methodology, adopt his can’t fail attitude and be be prepared to reach new heights.

- Brandon Cohen, US Head of Sales at Supermetrics

A true sales dynamo, Scott’s intensity and drive is unmatched, and I’ve met few professionals so devoted to supporting their teams. I’ve watched him groom entry level sales reps to top producing managers within months, and he’s been instrumental in my own professional development. A quick and creative thinker, he is able to stay a step ahead and gauge the needs of a prospect, colleague, or organization in the blink of an eye. But what makes him truly uniquely valuable as a sales leader is what follows–his true power lies in the way he empowers his reps to push harder and dig deeper to get results. Any sales organization would be hard pressed to find a more powerful change agent.

- Calli Hartman, Director of Implementation, Corporations at Blackbaud