Through the Tunnel

June 23, 2020

Stop me if you’ve been here before.

No podium awaits.

No medals or trophies being handed out.

No cash prize to soothe the aches and pains.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

There are times in our careers where we’re pushing hard with what feels like infrequent rewards and almost no breaks.

It seems like a lot of us feel that way right now.

Sales can be a hard, lonely, exhausting profession even during a good year.

Throw a pandemic, economic collapse, massive layoffs, a critically important election year and social justice issues on top of it and you’ve got quite the combination.

But I’ve been through the wringer enough times to tell you that things will get better.

You always have an extra gear; if you know where to look to find it.

Knowing where to look means having strategies for pushing through a difficult time, while staying motivated and sane.

For anyone that feels this way, here are a few things I’d recommend trying.

There’s no shortage of sales content out there. The real challenge isn’t finding it, but rather it’s sorting through it all to find content you can take into the field with you to help you perform better at your job.

That’s why I’m here. To help sort the fluff from real, relatable, actionable sales content that you can use in your daily process.

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