Working while grieving

August 20, 2018

My article for this week is deeply personal and comes from a friend, Gabe Moncayo, CEO and co-founder at AlwaysHired.

When you’re a leader you’re supposed to follow that age-old saying: “Don’t let them see you sweat.” But of course, that directive becomes difficult, if not impossible, when one suffers a loss of a close confidante.

Gabe’s right-hand-manager, whom he brought with him as he moved from company to company, took his own life a year ago. Gabe has been brave enough to open up and share how that experience influenced him.

It’s not often that we as a society talk about what our grief looks like or how it affects our day-to-day life at work. Gabe gives us a glimpse of what bearing the responsibility of leadership was like during a terribly painful grieving process.

If you don’t normally read past my words in these emails, I highly encourage you to read this one. It’s really powerful and it moved me. I think it will move you too.

Take a look.