Get tactical knowledge to level up your career.

Addicted to the Process

How to Close Transactional Sales with Confidence and Consistency


In Addicted to the Process, top sales leader Scott Leese injects you with a powerful shot of adrenaline and teaches you how to:​

  • Drill habits that build your confidence as a salesperson
  • Use the addiction model to close deals like an all-star
  • Stick to a proven process to blow up your numbers
  • Hit milestones that drive you toward your real goals

Success boils down to one question: “How bad do you want to make it happen?”

​”Buy, read, and implement this book if you’re new to sales, struggling in sales or struggling in life and looking for a success path. Scott has walked the same path he’s writing about. Honest, truthful, and applicable to the real world. Highly recommended.”
​-Jeffrey Gitomer author of The Little Red Book of Selling

From Rep to Manager

A Step by Step Guide for Taking the Leap into Sales Leadership

If you’ve ever considered a transition from sales rep to sales manager, this book is for you. It will help you evaluate the move, prepare and position yourself to take on the challenge, nail the interview, and perform at a high-level starting on day-one.

The average tenure for sales leaders continues to decline as voluntary turnover remains one of the highest in any industry. Individuals are ill-prepared to sufficiently audit their motivations spurring the move into leadership, properly weigh the trade-offs they will make, and clearly define what skills are needed to excel in this new role.

This book was written as a resource to help more people tackle the challenges associated with moving from rep to manager.

More Than a Number

The Modern VP Sales Playbook

As a sales leader in your company, you know the high stakes of hitting sales numbers. But how do you go to the next level, thrive in your current position, and lead your team? Scott Leese, a sales industry leader, presents a powerful playbook for sales professionals.

• Sales Directors will discover how to prepare for the next coveted role.

• VPs of Sales will find out how to thrive in this high-pressure position

• CEO/Founders will gain strategies to empower their VP of Sales for growth

Leese draws on decades of experience, along with interviews with top industry leaders, to give you insider strategies to catapult growth. Regardless of what role you currently play, you need this VP Sales playbook to rocket your career and company sales to the highest number.