I learned very early in life that you have to make every minute count.

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Scott's Story

After school I did what any sensible young person did whenever they didn't want to get a real job - I went to grad school.

However, upon finishing grad school I grew deathly ill and spent the better part of 4 years in the hospital fighting for my life.

I’ve had 9 surgeries, lost a major organ, kicked opioid addiction and lost everything. It was then that sales came into my life.

I grew up in the small Northern California town of Chico, where I had no interest or family involvement in business or sales of any kind.

My dad taught at Chico State and my mom was a nurse.

I played every sport you can think of growing up and ended up getting a two-sport scholarship to Dominican University to play both soccer & tennis, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Religious Studies while I was there.

Six times I was a sales leader at very early stage companies, taking them from roughly $0 revenue to roughly $25m in ARR; doing so in under 3 years time.

I got in, figured out how to sell something, then taught others the process and scaled the business. Then I got out so I could go back to the beginning and do it again.

At 27 years old I was a late entry into the field of sales. I liked the idea of being able to out work and outperform others and getting paid more if I did so.

I picked an early stage startup because I thought I could learn faster and advance my career easier than at a large corporation.

Plus, I’ve never thought of myself as a corporate guy [quite the opposite in fact]. I worked hard to get good and was blessed with early success and quickly moved into sales leadership roles.

Jeanne Marie's Story

In the heart of Sacramento, amidst the towering redwoods of Northern California, there lived a girl with 4 names. She grew up wanting to be a doctor, eager to solve problems and help others. But after a disastrous chemistry class, she knew medicine wasn't her path.

Despite being the smallest kid, JM was known for her fiery determination. This drive led her to Santa Clara University, where she switched gears to business and marketing.

But her thirst for adventure and understanding people took her camping across Europe solo, and later to Costa Rica, where she had to hustle for every dollar.

Back home, she found her groove in sales. Talking to people came naturally, fueled by that same red-faced determination of her youth.

Yet, it wasn't just closing deals that excited her—it was the thrill of solving problems and making things more efficient.

Juggling her full time job and building the systems in her free time, she found her niche in Revenue Operations. Now, she's living her passion, tackling challenges head-on, and crafting.

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