“If you want somebody to do everything for you — I’m not your guy. If you want someone to teach you how to fish so you can do this yourself and never have to hire somebody like me again: I’m your guy.

When I take on any client my goal is to empower them so they own the process and their success.

I’m there to support and help you have ownership in the process so you walk away, not only with results but, with skills for whatever comes next.”

Curious About My Process?
  • Recruiting strategies
    • LinkedIn execution
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Sales Managers / Reps / SDRs / Ops / Enablement
    • Optimal employee profiles
  • On-boarding/training
  • Assessment of current team
  • Sales Strategy including inbound/outbound sales
  • Departmental collaboration and alignment
  • Segmentation / Strategic Partnership
  • Scripting / Messaging / Pitch
  • Collateral
  • Competitor landscape
  • Objection Battle cards
  • Identify optimal sales cycle
  • KPI and metrics evaluation
  • Sales Operations
  • Technology, enablement, and data audit
  • Analytics / Reporting / Dashboards
  • Hiring plan and trajectory
  • Go-to market strategy
  • Fund raising
  • Compensation Planning
  • Forecasting

Clients I've Worked With...