Pleasure and Pain. The “Carrot” and the “Stick.”

January 14, 2020

Pleasure and Pain. The “Carrot” and the “Stick.”

We’ve all heard these terms before, right?

When it comes to reward and punishment, both can play a part in creating healthy boundaries, and accountability. However, when trying to inspire action, rewarding behavior has multiple benefits that punishment does not accomplish.

By rewarding employee positive performance, their contributions are acknowledged, and appreciation for their work feeds a necessary human need, to feel valued.

Benefits of rewarding employees have true cultural and monetary impacts on business. Rewarded employees are happier, see an increase in productivity, and are largely more loyal, and less likely to leave. When employees are happy, morale is boosted, and the workplace becomes a place that people want to be, invest in, and see succeed. There is a direct correlation between engaged and happy employees, and hitting revenue goals.

There’s a science to using reward and punishment, and it comes down to “go” or “no.” If your desired end result is motivation to “go,” rewards are proven to be a greater influence. Alternatively, if you don’t want an employee to do something, punishment is more effective. Where rewards create excitement, motivation, and interest; punishment creates anxiety, fear, and avoidance.

*Note to all – use the “Stick” sparingly, or your entire culture will become fear-based.*

Effective reward, or a perk of the job?

Most people think of monetary rewards in sales contests, and although money is certainly an excellent motivator for a salesperson, it’s most important that there is an understanding of what the reward will provide to the recipient long term, and that the reward provides an effective motivational influence.

It’s about the experience. What will one experience via the reward?

Perks of the job, such as a parking space, or free lunch, prevent dissatisfaction. But to motivate and influence positive behavior there are key factors that have been shown to be powerful when aligning an employee’s feelings and the desired outcomes for the organization.

  • Appreciation
  • Development and growth
  • Inclusion and trust
  • Mentoring and mentorship

The magic formula is providing rewards that impact an employee in the above ways, and aligning those rewards with desired company outcomes. The results are more autonomous, loyal, and productive employees; happy to engage and take ownership in their role.

So where does one look for a reward capable of providing this experience?

Have you been looking for a creative reward that will accomplish each motivational factor? Are you looking to provide an experience where your employee’s can learn and talk sales with peers, and rising sales leaders? Don’t you want to enjoy professional development while also enjoying white sand, sunny beaches, and surfing the world renowned waves of Costa Rica?

Join me in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, for The 4th Surf & Sales Summit, where you’re rewarded and appreciated for the success you’ve had, mentored and coached to further improve your performance so you can set new and exciting goals, and learn alongside trusted and like-minded peers in an intimate group with tailored content. Come back refreshed and inspired to make 2020 one full of tremendous achievements.

Oh, and did I mention the mental health benefits of getting out of your routine and into a beautiful and serene landscape where you can exercise, rest, relax and have fun? Mental health is something we all experience, yet rarely discuss. So let’s at least commit to making it a part of our reward system.

While a reward system is an important piece of leadership and management, protecting, and supporting mental health within the workplace is imperative. Take a moment to read the following ebook, Start Talking – 40 Thoughts, Tips and Ideas to Start Talking About Mental Health in Sales Vol 2., by Jeff Riseley.


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January 07, 2020

Welcome to the New Year!

We’re going to talk about one of the sexiest sales attributes out there…consistency. While you are in the gym working on your beach body for Sales & Surf, the same foundational mindset applies to both.

To make this year better than the last, and to make a difference, and change your circumstances comes down to one single choice. To simply choose not to quit today. If part of your resolutions was to make it into the gym more, or get into work earlier, it’s likely you’ve had company. What will set you apart is your personal endurance, but again, that comes down to just that one choice that today is not the day to quit.

Just keep going. Get your fast start, and then just..keep…going…watch the others drop off, and choose, and choose again, one simple choice.

But what makes consistency so attractive? Why is reliability such a lucrative trait in sales?

Repeatability is where scale is born.

Inconsistency is difficult to forecast, and near impossible to scale. It provides little data on what in the process works, and what needs work. Is it a rep issue, a process issue, a product issue, seasonality? You might as well throw darts at a board in the dark.

But consistency….consistency helps navigate and guide decisions, it allows for iteration across the board, and dreams of what could be to take root and begin to grow.

Consistency builds trust.

Life is unpredictable. Within the first three days of the new decade and social feeds everywhere were flooded with devastating fires decimating a country, and memes of an impending WW3. But trusting the word of an employee towing the line, or a leader transparent with their expectations and follow through creates loyalty, camaraderie, and a sense of ownership and accountability that the high/low/who-knows can’t touch.

Consistency establishes your reputation and makes you relevant.

If you’ve created a reputation of being consistent, your brand is one that can be trusted, and relied upon without the worry or concern that this may be a down month.


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Just Go

December 31, 2019

It is the end, and it is the beginning.

Whether you plan on spending the evening counting down amongst the crowds of people, home away from the masses, or sleeping right through, the countdown to the end of a decade, and the start of a new year comes tonight.

Whether you’ve reflected on the past, laid to rest your regrets, celebrated your success, or simply lived in the ignorance that the time has come, the new year comes tonight.

Whether your intentions have been surrendered, your goals set, your plans made, the time comes tonight.

Whether you are one to pine nostalgic, or give little care to another day come and gone, a new year, a new decade begins tonight.So what words of wisdom and advice do I have to give as we countdown to a new decade? When the time has come, when there is no more time for reflecting, and no more time planning for the perfection of a clean blank slate?

10 You have done what could be done.

9 You have given what was to be given.

8 Breathe.

7 Everything you have experienced, that you have learned, has brought you to this place, now.

6 Your past, your mistakes, your wins, none were by accident, they were intended for you.

5 And now, ahead of you lies the great unknown, where it sits in absolute, untarnished, perfection.

4 Ready for the next step, the next leap, the next stumble, the fall, the flight, the forward motion.

3 The simplest step is left to take, it has come down to just this.

2 Just.

1 Go.


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Plans are nothing, planning is everything

December 24, 2019

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.” – Dwight Eisenhower

You are a sum of your success, and you are also a sum of your failures. Every experience teaches and shapes us. The best we can hope for is to do what feels right, right now, and to continue planning ahead with the flexibility to change direction…sometimes without notice.

With so much emphasis put on reaching our goals, it is important to step back, and reflect. To check in, and assess if our greater plan is still The Plan. It can be a hard thing to let go of a goal, but there are times that the hurdle is not the challenge to see if you want it bad enough, but a sign. A sign that shakes us up, redirects, forces us to slow down, pushes us to speed up, or stops us dead in our tracks and demands our attention.

There is a fine balance in the dedication needed by our plans and goals, and the flexibility to allow for change and growth. Much like the balance needed between work and life, this relationship is complex and fluid. So take this time to appreciate the rocky and winding path that has brought you here, and proactively give yourself the freedom of flexibility for the upcoming year.

I would like to take a moment, and thank you, for sharing in an accomplishment and success I could not have predicted. My book Addicted to the Process was listed as a Top 100 Sales Book by Book Authority! Take a look here.

And as I am not one to shy away from telling it as it comes, read this guest blog post I wrote over on Salesloft where I break down how Sales Managers should forecast so that your VP doesn’t get fired.


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